Oct 07

Experiment 1 – D-Pad Controller

This is my first *real* blog entry. Hope it goes well. So I wanted to have a go at creating a touch-screen D-Pad as is popular and necessary in many Mobile Games. I took a short-cut of using UIKit – but the principals are the same in OpenGL. It just takes longer to explain. This(…)

Oct 01

Any minute now…

It’s been on my TODO list for ages… Start blogging about my experiences in iOS development and the indie scene. I’ve been busy with some projects and of course the day job. Gotta keep the lights on ! I was thinking about my first article… and I’m thinking about a little experiment I did using(…)

Jan 16

Test of WP-Syntax…

Test of WP-Syntax… 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10   -(Fraction*) initWithNumerator: (int) n denominator: (int) d { self = [super init];   if ( self ) { [self setNumerator: n andDenominator: d]; }   return self; } … seems to work.

Jan 05


Starting a blog. Initially using  WP – and the “Basic” theme from Themify Customizing it to match the site was fun. Time for ZZzzzzz…..